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Our Services

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Our Services


Introductory consultation

This introductory consultation will be a way for you to ask any questions about my services or my qualifications. It will be done in an hour over a video or phone call at a scheduled appointment time. This is a free service to ease any concerns or worries you may have before you decide to book a paid service with me. 


Mental health mentor

This is a service designed to help young people up to the age of 25 with any problems or concerns surrounding their mental health or well-being. Using my previous experience, I will be able to listen to and offer suggestions on how to handle situations as well as provide a listening ear, if that is what is needed. This is a personal service so how the session goes depends on how much is shared with me


Family communication consultation

This is a service designed for whole families. Young people have many challenges as they grow up and many parents can feel like they are having a constant fight or can feel at a loss for what to do. This service will allow for a period to talk to all members of a family that want to participate and have a session of mediation to allow for the family to come together and get their views across with help. This will also allow for help in communication methods between family members if this is desired. 


Learning skills development and Tutoring

One key challenge that young people can struggle with is their learning, particularly after Covid-19. This service allows exploration between different methods of learning and information retention to allow a young person to feel more comfortable about learning. For some subjects, tutoring is also being offered and if I do not offer tutoring in the subject, I can refer you to an alternative provider if requested. 


Life Skills

Another challenge that can be faced as we grow up is the problems that come with adulthood. In school, we do not get taught budgeting or cooking healthy meals. This service is to help you learn skills such as these so as we grow up we do not feel so anxious about the challenges we face. 


Mental Health Workshop

This is an ad hoc service that businesses, groups, and schools can ask for. It can be anything from managing mental health to helping to care for people with mental health challenges. Exact requirements will be discussed and cost will be negotiated. 

If you do not see a service here that you think meets your requirements, please send in an enquiry and I will do my best to assist you if I can.

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